THISMEANSYOU's full length studio album, "Reviving the Apparently Dead" has hit the shelves, and is set to climb the charts! Having received numerous accolades and stellar reviews online, featured by such publications as Metal Maniacs, and winning WNRN's "The Aftermath" album of the year award, you simply must hear it for yourself!

Click here to listen, courtesy of iLike: Reviving the Apparently Dead Album Sampler

Order 66


Also, you can: Download the Album Sampler here,
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Thismeansyou is now on PANDORA online radio, so be sure to listen to us there as well! Pandora

Fans of Podcasts can listen online to some excellent metal thanks to THE WYRD WAYS ROCK SHOW, which plays Thismeansyou often! The Wyrd Ways Rock Show

Thismeansyou was a finalist in METAL BLADE Records' "SEARCH FOR THE NEXT GREAT METAL BAND" contest, and their track "Order 66" can be found on that compilation, distributed nationwide as a part of Record Store Day 2009!

Be sure to pick up your copy of "Reviving the Apparently Dead" from our convenient Webstore today! Also available on iTunes, at Thismeansyou live shows, or any Plan 9 location!